Is Your Health That Important To You?

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I want you to answer the following question:

Is there anything more important to you than your health and the health of your loved ones?

I’m going to bet the answer is “No”

Imagine in your final hours, taking a deep sigh of relief knowing that you lived every aspect of your life to the fullest. Knowing that your health allowed you to be present with your spouse, kids, grandkids, and friends. Knowing that you lived a high quality, high quantity life filled with passion and purpose and without physical and mental limitation.

It really doesn’t matter what branch of your life it is (career, finances, family, adventure, inner life, intellect, legacy); it is always better in the presence of health. I would argue it is impossible to be fully well in any area of your life without your health.

However, it is crucial to understand that health is not just the absence of symptoms or disease. True health is the manifestation of every ounce of your human potential. It is creating the best version of you – being more “human” so to speak. (This is where the name for The Be More Human Podcast came from!)

So if you agree that your health and the health of your loved ones is among your highest values, then we would expect that your actions would reflect this and that most people would be doing all they could to invest in their health and happiness.

But here is the ugly truth: 2019 will be the sickest year ever in the history of humanity. On the podcast episode about values we uncover some of the statistics related to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression (including how it is affecting the generation of CHILDREN!) It was truly scary.

The current generation of children will live shorter lives than their parents.

So what does this mean?

Either we don’t actually value our health and the health of our loved ones the way we say we do OR we have gotten incredibly confused on how to achieve health and maintain it. I prefer to believe the latter, and I hope you do too.

So that begs the question: If health is every human’s default state, how do we get there and stay there?

This could be a long winded answer, but I will do my best to break it down into four simple principles:

1. Humans ARE designed to be extraordinary, and health is in fact your default state. You CAN achieve better health, and it is easier than you think.

2. There are four major requirements for the human body to be well that are under your control.

3. These requirements are adequate movement, proper fuel, a healthy mind, and optimal structure and function of the spine and nervous system.

4. The more of the requirements you meet and practice (preferably for a lifetime), the more health you will generate and keep over time. 

If you arent fulfilling all of these requirements, you may be realizing that your actions aren’t meeting up with your values. This awareness is incredibly important because it is impossible to be living in contradiction to your values and be happy at the same time.

The important thing to remember is the following: better awareness leads to better choices, better choices leads to better results.

Now that you have the awareness, make the choice to start living the life you deserve and enjoy the results that go along with it.

Dr. Graham Norton
Hi! I'm Dr. Graham and I am passionate about delivering the most comprehensive and results driven spine care available. I love working with people who want to make a real and lasting difference in their health. I love travelling locally, outdoor activities like road biking and skate skiing, good coffee, and my family (Dr. Marie, and our two wonderful daughters Zoey & Eloise).