Creating A Love vs. A Life Together With Janelle Fraser

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If you haven’t heard last weeks episode then please go back and listen to it before tuning in to this week’s awesome interview. On the last episode we talked all about the importance of values – what they are, why we need them, and what can happen to all branches of our lives if we live incongruently with them. 

We talked about relationships in particular and how being unaware of our own values and what we value in a partner is a recipe for disaster. 

It motivated us to bring on an expert in the field of relationships and there is no better person in Fredericton than Janelle Fraser. 

Janelle is a personal transformation and intimacy expert. In the field of personal development and human potential, she has nearly a decade of experience speaking, teaching hundreds of workshops and retreats, and coaching thousands of clients.

We ask her to deep dive into questions like: 

Why do relationships fail? 

How do you define a “failed” relationship?

What is the most important ingredient in a healthy relationship? 

We have no doubt you will learn a tonne whether you are in a committed relationship right now or not, or if you think you have a heathy relationship or an unhealthy one.

Stuff From This Episode

You can follow Janelle on Facebook and Instagram for ongoing value when it comes to relationships and personal development.

Janelle’s website and youtube page will also provide you with more valuable information to help you be the best version of yourself.

Here is the link to Janelle’s upcoming Intimate Communication Workshop to Create A Deeply Satisfying Relationship (in person or online).

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