Physiotherapy With A Twist with Alison Bowie

Posted on in Podcast by Dr. Marie Battaglia


Alison Bowie is a local Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor. She offers specialty yoga classes that are aimed at creating an open learning environment where individuals experiencing pain or injuries are safely able to move their bodies in new, rehabilitative ways. From physi-yoga to chair yoga, Alison truly believes there is a yoga for everyone.

On this episode we have fun diving into how Alison helps people through her unique physiotherapy practice style, we discuss Mindfulness and its impact on health and healing, and touch on Functional Movement and how that can be applied to your day to day life.

Alison’s positive energy alone can set you in the right direction on your journey toward better health and happiness. We hope you enjoy this episode!

What We Covered

Here are some of the topics we covered on this episode with Alison:
– Yoga and Physiotherapy: the benefits of yoga for everyone!
– Mindfulness: what is it and why is it important? what are some easy ways to practice mindfulness daily?
– Functional Movement – What are we missing? How do we get it back?

You can find Alison on Facebook here.

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