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Are You A Leaning Tower Of Human?

Are You A Leaning Tower Of Human?

Do you know what this picture is of?

Tower of Pisa 4 1024x768

This is the very famous Leaning Tower Of Pisa, one of the 7 wonders of the medieval world...pretty cool.

I find it really interesting that this building is in constant need of repair and upkeep - more than its "straight" counterparts. I know very little about architecture and masonry, but let's just say for this analogies sake that the top floors are the ones in need of the most work. The stairs, the stone work, the walls...they break down quicker than they should and require a tremendous amount of upkeep.

It doesn't take an architect to understand why.

The CORE problem here is that the foundation is faulty, resulting in a 4 degree tilt to the building. We can hire the best builders with the best equipment and the best ideas to work on those upper floors (the collateral damage) but at the end of the day those upper floors are always going to require upkeep because the core problem still exists.

If we TRULY wanted to correct the problem what would we need to do?

We would have to create a level foundation to eliminate the tilt to the building. This would result in even stress distribution throughout the structure, avoiding accelerated degeneration (thought it would be a lot less wondrous).

Do you know what this picture in the MIDDLE and the RIGHT is?

6 Normal Structure
This is the not so famous leaning human of our western culture....

Just as interesting is that this human needs lots of work. They are constantly getting neck pain, mid back pain, numbness and tingling in the hands, fatigue, tight traps, and headaches.

Now it doesn't take a Doctor to understand why. The CORE problem here is the fact that the head is shifted forward over the rest of the spine.

We can eat the cleanest diet, we can take the most potent of pain killers, and we can use the hottest of heat packs to try and decrease our uncomfortable symptoms (collateral damage) but those symptoms are going to require upkeep because the core problem still exists.

If we TRULY wanted to correct the problem what would we need to do?

We would need to restore proper structure and alignment to the spine to eliminate the shift forward. This would result in optimal stress distribution throughout the whole structure, avoiding accelerated degeneration (and this would be a lot more wondrous).

Kind of a cheesy analogy I know....


This is generally how our society functions isn't it?

We spend our time, energy, and money focusing on the collateral damage rather than addressing the core problems. We don't meet our needs for health (the real core problems) for days, weeks, months, even years on end and our health and function deteriorates.

At some point, we start developing symptoms. We mistakenly view these symptoms as the real problem and do whatever we can do reduce them while the core problems remain.

Your body REQUIRES good fuel, adequate movement, high levels of stress adaptability, and healthy neurological integration. These are the real pillars to health and when these pillars fall that is the true core problem.

Let's face it..some people are perfectly happy treating the collateral damage. And that's OK if that's what you truly want...

But I DEEPLY and STRONGLY encourage you to own your health. Take full responsibility. Those requirements listed up there? Those are all under your control.

Not sure where to start? Get your Neurospinal System checked by a corrective Chiropractor.

Live out of town? We have a database of Life by Design Chiropractors around the world who focus on correcting core problems.

Start focusing on building your health rather than fighting your symptoms. When you correct the core problems and give your body the building blocks for healing, extraordinary things can happen.

Take action. Any action. And if you need any help - email, call, Facebook message, instagram message, snail mail, doesn't matter, we are here for you and we love to help.



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