COVID PIVOT Episode with Christina + Hannah from EnrichKids

Posted on in Podcast by Dr. Marie Battaglia


EnrichKids is a completely new centre in Fredericton that focuses on holistic children’s programming to foster social-emotional learning and practical life skills.

They use stories, art, theatre, STEM activities, music, mindful movement, and a global perspective as tools for learning and exploring. They strive to improve a child’s self awareness, confidence, social skills and decision making abilities and of course incorporate FUN in order to do this. 

It seems like they had just opened their doors when they were forced to close them as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On this episode Dr. Marie talks with the co-directors of EnrichKids, Hannah Williams and Christina Foster, about how the current situation has impacted their business, how you can support them, and how they are continuing to support our community right now. 

They also share some parenting advice for all the parents out there who are home with your kids, trying to navigate through activities, homeschooling and burnout.

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