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Do You Live In A "Beautiful State" Or A "Suffering State"?

Do You Live In A "Beautiful State" Or A "Suffering State"?

I just finished reading Tony Robbins' newest book "Unshakeable" - its a guide to financial freedom that outlines specific strategies for investing and building wealth. In true Tony Robbins fashion the final chapter is all about the psychology of wealth and happiness.

There was one message in particular that drew me in. It wasn't really anything "new," but how it was written and explained made the world of a difference for me. I wanted to share it with you because I think it would add great value to your life if you became aware of it.

To Suffer or Not To Suffer - That Is The Question

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Tony explains that there are two states you can be in at any given moment:

1. a high energy state aka a "beautiful state"

2. a low energy state aka a "suffering state"

The human brain was not designed to make us feel happy and fulfilled - it was designed for survival. Because its job is survival it is constantly looking for what's wrong and for things that could hurt us, so that we can either "fight or take flight"- I'm sure you've heard your stress response referred to in this way before.

Our mind will naturally operate in this mode. It will identify and magnify potential threats. The result of this, year in and year out, is a life filled with stress and anxiety. Tony reminds us that if we leave our mind undirected we have little chance of truly enjoying life.

I'm sure we can all think of an example of someone who seemingly has everything but is miserable.... and on the flip side, someone with nothing who has truly experienced suffering but is happy and grateful despite their experiences. So somewhere, there is a choice, a change in mindset.

Me, you, we, all of us... have a choice to live in a beautiful state or a suffering state:

"A Beautiful State is when you feel love, joy, gratitude, awe, playfulness, ease, creativity, drive, caring, growth, curiosity, or appreciation. When you are in a beautiful state you know exactly what to do and you do the right thing. The best of you comes out. Nothing feels like a problem, and everything glows. You feel no fear or frustration. You're in harmony with your true essence."

"A Suffering State is when you're feeling stressed out, worried, frustrated, angry, depressed, irritable, overwhelmed, resentful or fearful. We've all experienced these negative emotions. Feeling "stressed" is usually linked to your deepest fears."

The mental and emotional state in which you live is ultimately the result of where you chose to focus your thoughts. Most if not all of our suffering is caused by focusing or obsessing about ourselves and what we might lose, have less of, or never have.

"Either you master your mind or it masters you.The secret to living an extraordinary life is to take control of the mind, since this alone will determine whether you live in a suffering state or a beautiful state."

To me, taking control of the mind means spending the necessary time required to uncover your core values, your purpose, and your vision for your life. Diving deep into your beliefs about health, parenting, relationships, finances, career and life experiences.

If you put in the work to get to know your true self - you will give yourself the power to direct your future thoughts, decisions and behaviours. Direct them towards beauty and not suffering and you'll set yourself up for an extraordinary life.

It's amazing to see the changes that people start making in their lives once they make the first choice to get healthy. 

It reminds me of a patient I saw this week (and many others like her) who started eating healthier, exercising, and improving her relationships with her loved ones since starting chiropractic care. What we see everyday in our practice is movement towards living in a more "Beautiful State" for the people that we have the privilege of caring for.

Spinal healthcare for the whole family is our focus - but the benefits trickle into the deepest parts of our patients' lives.

With just some of the highlights from the last chapter of Unshakeable by Tony Robbins, I hope I have inspired you to live more moments of your life in a beautiful state.

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