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What To Do When Motivation Leaves The Building

What To Do When Motivation Leaves The Building

Do you get all psyched up about burning off those extra holiday pounds? January 1st -- you get a gym membership, start the gym..... 6 times a year, only to stop it 6 times a year too?

Have you gotten so frustrated with yourself and your body image that you made the commitment to FOLLOW THROUGH this time with your diet, only to quit it a week later once that intense feeling of frustration wore off?

I ask you this because if you are anything like I used to be (and am still working on), the emotion of the week was what determined the action I took. I too would get motivated or excited about working out after watching a Crossfit video...I would start training hard, but a few weeks in, once that feeling wore off....I would be back to my old habits. Frankly, it sucked.

Emotions are very fleeting it turns out...

If all you have driving you to make change is your emotions, then very likely the positive action step that you are taking will fade when the emotion does.

This is why it's so vital to spend time deliberately determining what you want for your health and clearly understanding why you want it. There needs to be something else there to drive your action steps once the original emotion has faded away....

Personally this action step I am going to share with you has been a game changer for me. It's what's allowed me to follow through on Moving By Design, Eating by Design, meditating, etc. even when I really didn't want to. When I was tired, sore, feeling run down..It's basically what has helped me live on purpose, rather than on emotion...

It's called the 4Q's. Essentially just 4 questions you need to answer. The key is you *must* make time to sit down and actually think about the answers to these questions. Get out a journal or some blank paper and write out the answers... whatever comes to mind.

It can be applied to any major area of your life, but for now let's look at your health:

Q1) What do I believe?
Q2) What do I want?
Q3) Why do I want it?
Q4) What action steps do I need to take?

Looks simple, right? I can't tell you how powerful this is if you take the time to answer these questions through rational thought...

Ill do an abbreviated version of my own to make it more tangible... hopefully this helps you.

Q1) What do I believe?
- My health is vital because without it I can't succeed in any other area of my life
- My health gives me the stamina and endurance to perform in all areas of my life to my highest ability
- My health is the cornerstone to my happiness and success in this life

Q2) What do I want?
- To be strong, mobile, and have exceptional fitness
- To have elite levels of happiness with an abundance of energy
- To have a peaceful inner state that allows me to be a great leader for my family and office

Q3) Why do I want it?
- It allows me to get joy from all aspects of my life
- It allows me to be the best Dad, husband, and Chiropractor that I can be
- It gives me the foundation I need to fulfill my values and reach my potential
- It allows me to be a role model for my daughter Zoey and teaches her to self care and build her self esteem

Q4) What action steps do I need to take?
- Get checked and adjusted if needed twice a week
- Perform my morning and evening rituals every day, no exception
- Strength training and Conditioning 4x/week
- Mobility & Active Recovery 5x/week
- Eat by Design > 90% of all meals
- Have a structured schedule that sets me up for predictable success

When I look at this I get excited. It creates a motivating emotion ironically. But the cool thing is, when that emotion is gone and I am having a rough day looking at this is enough for me to push through and take action on the things I've mapped out for myself.

I know that in my life I want this outcome way more than I fear putting in the work to get it.

I guess the takeaway is this...

Take the time to know what it is that you truly want, and ultimately WHY you want it. This rational thought is what's going to give you the fuel necessary to live the life you want to live even when the flashy emotions are all gone.

I am going to attach the Think by Design manual to this post - It will give you a much deeper understanding of how to tackle this exercise. It's an absolute must do! I sincerely hope this helps you create more predictable success in your health and your life.

Dr. G


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