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What Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Tells Us About Your Health

What Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Tells Us About Your Health

Have you ever wondered why the heck we get you to sit for 6 minutes quietly with your fingers in some machine called a Pulse Wave Profiler? You hear us talk about HRV but forget what it means?

We do our best to explain what all the examination tests are and what they mean when it comes to our patients' health. We understand that all the information can be overwhelming sometimes, so we wanted to remind our current Practice members why we continuously retest Heart Rate Variability and explain to anyone interested in chiropractic care the importance of this amazing test of health. 

The applicability of HRV to chiropractic care is pretty unique and fascinating. It really tells the story about chiropractic, adaptability, and the influence the adjustment has on the function of your Nervous System.

It takes us beyond the muscles, bones, and joints and reaches into the realm of physiology and overall function.

HRV represents the input from the body into the brain, how the brain integrates that information, and then the execution of an adaptive response.

Bad input or integration = bad output.

We really love two aspects of what we do.... the emotional and human component of providing hope, teaching that health can improve when spinal health improves, helping you realize that health comes from the inside out, helping you feel and function better, be more human, and enjoy your life more in the process .... that's a huge driver.

The other side is the logical side - the purpose of the care we deliver is to increase the function of your nervous system - so we love using tonnes of objective measurements to show that we are creating the outcome we are intending for you (thermography, surface EMG, heart rate variability, X-ray analysis).

This is a great test to show YOU how your health is improving in an objective way.
In a study looking at chiropractic's effect on HRV, the improvements are found to be sustained in nature... meaning at different time points tested the changes still remained, rather than going back to baseline. This is unlike exercise which improves HRV more temporarily.

Especially during the middle stage of life we are starting to accumulate the effects of not sleeping, not having proper nutrition, of working too hard, of not exercising enough - emotional, physical and chemical stressors. At this age we start to see decreases in adaptability.

By taking care of your spine and nervous system we can mitigate some of that decrease in adaptability AND teach you how to improve those other areas of your life.

At any given time point we are either getting sicker or healthier. Think about that for a second. There is no stasis. You cannot be in a state of decline and a state of growth at the same time.

In which direction are you moving?



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