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5 Ways To Make Healthier Holiday Food Choices

5 Ways To Make Healthier Holiday Food Choices

The baking, the stuffing, the gravy, the pie, the specialty drinks, the chocolate... really, how can you stay on track during the holiday season? Food is part of what makes the holidays awesome.

But that doesn't mean that everything you eat over the holidays has to be unhealthy. Here are some tips to help you fully enjoy your holiday gatherings while still maintaining your health:

1. Create healthier routines leading into the holidays. Start eating more real food NOW. Focus on veggies, meat, fish, eggs, fruit, nuts and seeds and good fats (avocado, olive oil, butter). Avoid sweets and carb dense foods with little nutrient value. Gaining momentum now will help protect you from the inevitable damage that will occur over the next couple weeks.

2. Know where you draw your line. In advance of a party, know what treats you are absolutely going to indulge in and which ones just aren't worth it. When you're staring at the desert table, remember you don't need to try one of everything. Take two minutes before you go out to decide which foods you REALLY love and are willing to accept the consequences of and what is a reasonable amount to eat.

3. Do some meal prep before Christmas. The holidays are stressful and in the midst of all the running around the last thing you'll want to do is cook a healthy meal. So instead of ordering a pizza, have some healthy meals you can take out of the freezer and heat up.

4. Fill up on the healthier stuff first. When you show up to the party - fill up on the veggies and dip, meats and cheeses so you'll be less hungry when the desert rolls around. Instead of 3 slices of pie, hopefully one will do the trick :)

5. Adapt your favourite meal. For example, if you love stuffing find a recipe that's healthier. Keep the good stuff like sage, sausage, onions, cranberries and use rice instead of bread. We have an awesome shortbread cookie recipe that we make every year that doesn't use flour or white sugar... and they are awesome! (download our Eat By Design Holiday Recipe Package below!)

I hope this gives you some inspiration to not totally fall off the wagon this holiday season. Really implement some of these ideas and your body will thank you come January 1st :)



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