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Follow This One Step To Drastically Improve Your Diet

Follow This One Step To Drastically Improve Your Diet

If you take a few minutes to search the world of nutrition online you will quickly realize that it is an absolute puzzle to navigate.

It seems every "expert" has different guidelines and different secrets you need to know if you want to succeed. Of course they all promise you will lose weight, feel better than ever, and if you buy their book, you could even become the next prime minister with a fantastic benefits package....

Honestly, I know it is really confusing.

I feel like it's a consistent theme that comes up in these blogs. So many people have great intentions and are working hard, but simply don't know what to do, or are working hard doing the wrong things.

I think that one of the major reasons that things get so confusing for you is because there is no framework to guide your decision making process when it comes to food.

For example, lets say that you want to lose 10 pounds because you think that losing 10 pounds is a healthy decision, and you are holding excess weight. That's a great start! For many people though, the challenge is how to go about doing it.

So many companies, programs, and supplements promise you can lose weight if you consume their products or services...and sometimes they are right. You might lose weight. BUT it might make you SICKER in the process. This is SO important to understand..

I won't name any names, but there are companies out there that promise you weight loss while still eating all the same crap that is absolutely toxic to your body. "Keep eating your cake and lasagna, it's fine, as long as it fits within our recommended amount of calories."

So in other words, keep consuming foods that are stressful, detrimental and toxic to your physiology because as long as the number goes down on the scale, we can call it a success.

Please, please, please see the insanity in this. Something that is toxic to your body is toxic to your body regardless of the number on the scale. And something that is toxic to your body is going to move your body away from health and toward illness.

So where is a good place to start...

I believe the most important thing to start with is your framework.

What's the purpose of food?

Your food is simply your fuel. It is the building blocks that your cells will use to perform their millions of functions every day to keep you regenerating and rebuilding. The fuel that you eat and drink will either help your cells work better or make them worse.

Your fuel will move you toward health or toward sickness.

This isn't a super sexy way to look at food, is it? It's not some fancy way to eliminate that last 10 pounds, cure XYZ disease, and eliminate all symptoms. It's a lot less marketable when we simply say...."What you eat will help your cells work well, or hinder them from working well," without all the promises.

Of course, if you provide your body with awesome fuel, there is almost always going to be nice side effects like weight loss, more energy, etc. But even if this didn't happen, you're STILL much better off consuming good fuel.

Here is a tangible step....


There has been lots of focus on counting calories - the calories in, calories out concept. Though there is some use for it, 90 percent of people need to simply start with focusing on the QUALITY of their food.

This means consuming REAL food in its most natural form. Seriously, just start there. If you focused on eating real food that comes from the ground and hasn't been processed to pieces, you are probably making massive strides from your current state.

If you don't know where to start, head to our amazing Farmer's market. There are lots of local, organically grown vegetables. That's real food. There are great sources of grass fed, free range, antibiotic/hormone free meats. That's real food. There are wild, unsprayed local blueberries sold by the box (up to 10 pound boxes!). That's real food.

The nutrition conversation can take hours...Obviously there is a lot more to it. So if you want to start the process and learn MORE about how to best fuel your body, download the quick guide below. This will cover 5 basic steps of Eat by Design that you can implement right away.

Your body will thank you !


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