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Find It Hard To Eat Enough Veggies? Problem Solved...

Find It Hard To Eat Enough Veggies? Problem Solved...

Can you guess how many people consume the MINIMUM recommended 5 or more servings of vegetables per day?

If you guessed not many you would be right:

Less than 1% of men & 4% of women ages 18 to 24
Less than 6% of men & 9% of women ages 25 to 34
Less than 14% of men & 16% of women ages 35 to 49
Less than 24% of men & 22% of women ages 50 to 64

Pretty much everyone is failing to meet the MINIMUM recommended requirement for the body to function the way it was designed to. (Including us!)

So what do we do when our diet does not provide us with adequate amounts of the nutrients REQUIRED by our bodies?

This is where supplements come into play. (Not as a treatment for a particular symptom or condition, but as a way to fulfill the requirements of the body).

Most greens supplements we have come across over the years are full of filler GRAINS! (that's right, not GREENS but GRAINS!!... like barley, wheat grass, and brown rice).


We've found the ONLY Greens supplement (that we know of) that DOES NOT contain any grains!

Paleoethics Super Greens contains nutrients derived from herbs, fruit, and greens, without any wheat grass or fillers.

This general purpose supplement will provide you with the micronutrients you need to feel your best.

100% natural and antioxidant rich ingredients like acai berries and goji juice prevent cell damage by averting the production of damaging free radicals.

Everything in our Super Greens blend is certified organic, 100% natural and beneficial, making this supplement the best choice for health conscious people.

Consuming the right amount of fruits and vegetables appears to reduce:

- cardiovascular disease

- various forms of cancer

- high cholesterol

- high blood pressure

- type 2 diabetes

- obesity

- stroke

- eye disease

- asthma

- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

- osteoporosis

BUT DON'T FORGET THIS IMPORTANT POINT: the reason we need to eat our veggies is because they contain required nutrients for our bodies to work at their best.

This supplement is NOT a replacement for eating actual veggies.

This supplement SHOULD be used in addition to eating real food, in order to top up your daily greens consumption.

And it actually tastes pretty good, believe it or not! Our 1 and a half year old daughter loves to drink her "Green juice" in the morning :) 

If you have any questions at all about whether or not taking a greens supplement is right for you, leave a comment and we'll respond personally.

If you'd like to pick up some Paleoethics Super Greens, come and visit us at East Coast Chiropractic.



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