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6 Things You Should Know About Luke

6 Things You Should Know About Luke

Having to write an article about yourself is one of the hardest pieces to write. With my best ability and a coffee beside me I give you,

6 Things You Should Know About Luke

ONE. I am from a place you have never heard of before called North Augusta, Ontario. The village population is approximately 1000 (I believe they included the cows in the count).

It was there I lived in the same red brick house with my mother, father and older brother for 20 years. When I moved to New Brunswick one year ago it immediately felt like home. Beautiful scenery, friendly people and roads that need to be re-paved! :)

TWO. Time to get a little sappy. My best friend and love of my life is Danielle Cobbett. My girlfriend of 2 and a 1/2 years and the reason I made New Brunswick my home. We met at college in her final year, where she totally rejected me two times before finally agreeing to date me. I'm not one to give up quickly! Danielle is easily the best part of my day everyday.

THREE. My favourite place to visit in the world would be Holland. That is where my Dutch heritage comes from. My great grandfather came over during World War 2 to start a new life as a Canadian. I was actually able to visit Halifax and view the spot where he would have first arrived. It really put into perspective how thankful I am for his sacrifice.

My family is very important to me and being able to visit Holland to see it's history and meet my family that remains there would be awesome!

FOUR.  I love basketball! When the season begins and the Toronto Raptors hit the hardwood you may ask me to stop talking about the game last night!

I have played competitively and coached and enjoyed doing both. I am also hoping to get involved with coaching a team in Fredericton this year. I really enjoy helping out my local community!.

FIVE. I love to laugh. If you have a good joke to share, please do! My mom would probably say I was born with a smile on my face. If there is one thing that brings people together it's the ability to laugh. Laughter is a world wide language that speaks to all, even when the jokes are corny.

What did the left eye say to the right eye? Between you and me, something smells.

SIX. I love helping people. My father is a pastor and my mother is a nurse. You could say it was ingrained in me to help people anyway I could. I specifically remember a time when I was young and one of my friends was going through a really hard time. To the point of having very negative thoughts that no person should have. I remember staying up all night talking and encouraging my friend. Now years later, they are happily married and loving life.

Everyone deserves the feeling of happiness and I made a promise to myself at that young age to help anyone I could. I can't wait to help all of you that are apart of the family of East Coast Chiropractic!

Those are 6 thing you now know about me. If you want to know more just ask and I'll answer. Going forward I would love to get to know your story and about your life experiences. In meantime I'll be the new guy behind the desk doing my best to help you on your journey to becoming the extraordinary person you were created to be.

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